Time in this 3D hair journey for 3 Rs – Research, Review, Reflection

Time in this 3D hair journey for 3 Rs - Research, Review, Reflection

A long time ago I was a teacher. Besides the normal three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic), I always followed with a second three –


  1. I have those fears. I think this is why I enjoy discussing the creative process. Maybe my explorations will help someone figure something out or maybe someone with a better idea will come along and share a few pointers. I’m just getting started on hair myself. Editing preexisting assets I seem to be okay with but creating my own hair has been daunting.

    So don’t be afraid to share what you’re learning as you’re learning. Someone like me might find it helpful, or someone out there might be ahead of the learning curve willing to share what they know.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yep – I agree with the whole discussing the creative process thing. It really helps. And I just love chatting to other creative people in general. They are awesome and inspiring 🙂

  2. I have been telling myself that I will put aside the time to learn Blender for about a decade. Your posts are interesting to me as a total noob. The biggest factor stopping me learning blender is finding the time. Procrastination, my excuse for a lot of things. I do like the way you break down your tasks and flow chart your methods. I have logged back into my daz account and will reinstall the software, I had forgotten about it until reading your recent post. Thankyou.

    1. Thanks Neil 🙂 When I was learning programming one of my lecturers always used to remind us of how to eat an elephant: one bite at a time. I’ve taken this rule into everything I do, breaking tasks down into not-too-intimidating chunks 🙂 I think the thing that I like about daz is how well it permits users to pose and render scenes 🙂

    1. Probably. But I always felt that a teacher should inspire their students to think, not just to memorize. I also tried to listen to my students. The feedback I received from student’s parents was very positive.

  3. Yes, it is easy to feel inept when you see the experts work. When you struggle in daz studio, remember that I will never know how to work it, and that the last time I baked, my then boyfriend said ‘Honey, this is awful’. I have not baked since. This was 1996.

    1. You know I realize that was not the whole truth. I have ‘baked’ since but it involved opening a box of Sara Lee or some such, marked ‘brownies’, following the instructions and coming up with blackies.

    2. True. Experts can be both daunting and inspiring LOL re baking. In 1998 my wife made a totally appalling baked cheese cake. But because we were newly weds I ate my piece and said yummy etc. After I ate it she laughed, told me she had burnt the chocolate and generally wrecked it, and said how impressed she was by me eating it because she had been unable to eat a second spoonful earlier. LOL.

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