End of October 2018 Life update :)

End of October 2018 Life update :)

It is one of those things that life rarely goes as one has planned. I reckon that has been true since my last update.


My weight loss is progressing slowly but steadily, with me being just over 2 inches slimmer around the waste. One interesting side effect of eating healthily has been the impact upon my eyes. As you know I suffer from Keratoconus. Since my eye infections in 2013 I have been getting an acid-like feeling in my eyes that I put down to that disorder. Since ridding my life of most (not all) sugar the sensation has slowly declined to being almost non-existent. This has increased my capacity to work harder at my programming during the day and even begin looking again at writing and art. Yippee. 🙂


So because I program in C# most of the time at work I had decided last time that I wrote that I would start writing C# blog posts. So I upgraded to the latest… oops. Indeed. During my upgrade to the latest Visual Studio at home my six-year old PC has had a minor fit. Nothing that I can do will get Visual Studio working on it. I have wasted days and have now given up. So that plan is indefinitely stalled – at least until I can afford a new PC.


My first attempt at Tempting in Shade produced a story that meandered all over the place and ended(at least for me) quite unsatisfactorily. I did have subsequent thoughts of splitting it up into several smaller independent novels, but I kept finding the stories so interlaced that it became impossible. So I am back to the one big novel. However, the difference is that I am now plotting the entire thing instead of writing by the seat of my pants. The plot seems to be coming along well. 🙂


Rhiannon’s dance teacher is having another concert in November and I have been asked to sing again. I don’t really believe that the songs suit my voice, especially “I Still Call Australia Home” by Peter Allen. Not only is it slightly higher than my normal singing voice, I also have retained a lot of my English accent from childhood. Hmmmmmm.


I am downloading the latest version of DAZ Studio so that I can play around with it. I will let you know how that progresses.


Anyway, hope you are all well. 🙂