My #GoogleLocalGuide photos reach 3 million views on #GoogleMaps

My #GoogleLocalGuide photos reach 3 million views on #GoogleMaps

As many of you may remember, when I was unemployed one of the things I did to keep myself sane when not applying for jobs was to become a Google Local Guide. This meant visiting local attractions and food spots and photographing/reviewing them. The results were then placed on Google Maps. There was no money doing this, but there was an opportunity to get more free online storage from Google. Initially this was one Terabyte but it quickly diminished as more people became Local Guides.

After getting a job, I decided to continue my Local Guide adventures. It gave my family and I an excuse to go out together every couple of weeks and visit somewhere we had not been before. I was therefore quite delighted to discover yesterday that the views of my photos now exceeds three million. Knowing that I have helped that many people in choosing destinations is quite gratifying.

Being a Google Local Guide has been a great experience, encouraged me to see new places and kept the family engaged together. I highly recommend signing up.

Wishing you all well.