#Adobe #Portfolio – giving it a go

#Adobe #Portfolio - giving it a go

I have Adobe Creative Cloud but rarely make the full use of it. I mean, I use the obvious stuff like PhotoShop, LightRoom and Premier and to a lesser extent Illustrator and InDesign, but that is about it. What a waste!

Anyway I thought that I would have a go a Portfolio. Essentially Portfolio takes a selected collection of images from LightRoom and turns it into a web site which can then be displayed to the world using Behance. It was so simple.

  1. Launch Portfolio
  2. Create New Site
  3. Select a theme/appearance
  4. Select Collections
  5. Create, with the option of having a Behance site.

And that was it.

And the output:

Here is the link.

Astonishingly easy.

So if you have Adobe Creative Account, give Portfolio a go. The Behance site is free, so you have nothing to lose.