Review: Authors Publish – a useful resource for writers #AuthorsPublish

Review: Authors Publish - a useful resource for writers    #AuthorsPublish

As a struggling author one of my common Google searches is “Call for submissions fiction.” Now my my future novel has turned into an epic series (when will I ever finish just one of these books?!), I find myself writing little pieces just so I know that I can actually finish something. The good news is that I am getting nibbles in respect to these short stories and that is in no small part due to emails I get from a site I’ve subscribed to called Authors Publish

Signing up means getting emails. Yep, we all hate seeing our in-tray filled with rubbish but humour me for a while. To give you an idea of the amount of mail I get from Authors Publish, here is a copy of my in-tray with just their email selected:


So not too much.

Here is a screenshot of the most recent email:

I really love these emails regarding themed submissions. Saves me a lot of effort searching. As you can see, I don’t always read all of their emails, but the subject titles help me to discern the ones that interest me.

Anyway, that’s all. Just a brief plug for a site that I am finding useful. I hope that some of you take a look at it too and find a use for it.




Note: The header is from a performance a year or two ago