#Writing the draft of the first back story scene

#Writing the draft of the first back story scene

I now tend to write scene by scene rather than chapter by chapter. I imagine each scene as something from a television show or film. What is cohesive? What sticks? What camera angles? Who do I focus upon? When do I shift focus?

These thoughts tumble into a rough plan in my head. I play with this plan, not yet having started to type.

When I do eventually type I tend to just vomit the words out onto the screen, trying to avoid editing within the moment. It is only when I return to undertake the next piece of writing (a day or so later) that I read my previous words out aloud, shudder, and then start correcting them. This then gets me in the mood for the next chunk of writing.

This a relatively recent approach to writing, perhaps in the last year or two.

I thought that I would share with you an example of one of my first drafts – unedited. This is the first draft of the first scene in the back story that I am now adding to my most recent novel.



Bubbles belched up from the crimson depths of the Carnal Pool. The whoosh and plop of them surprised Elder Gaudos who up till now had been composing an ode to epistemology. For reasons only known to himself he felt that such a work would impress widow Gumption. Maybe even achieve an invitation to tea. Elder Gaudos was not known for insight where women were concerned.