A proud father sings a duet with his daughter

Hi folks, Sunday was a proud day for me, albeit probably a sore-ear day for those around me. Rhiannon had her annual dance concert. As I have mentioned before, Rhiannon studies dance and theatre at the Miss Patricia Yvonne Academy, part of the EDTA school. Rhiannon often gets called upon to sing and this time, because she was struggling with the rhythm of her medley, I was asked a few

A star is reborn!!!!

Ok – I had not intended to post today. I have a huge number of photos from the Tower of London and I was really trying to think of how best I could present them. Maybe a post about the outside of the Tower and its environs. Then a day later a post about inside the buildings, focusing upon armour and weapons. Not sure yet. But then today I went

Another off-topic post: the booby-trapped platform!

First I will apologise for the awful pun in the title, especially as I never use the term “booby” in my normal conversations. OK – here’s the story of what happened to me on the way home tonight. I step off the train. It is night time and the station is mostly deserted. Dark. A few sad souls stand there waiting for a train that is obviously not the one

Teenage sexuality - as father and as author

Today I realised that in a few years I would need a shotgun and a rocking chair. I subconsciously practiced the phrase “Son, what are your intentions with my daughter?” So what caused this train of thought? Well, today Rhiannon competed in a dance competition. She’s now 11, but since the age of 3 has been learning ballet, tap and contemporary dance at the local EDTA (Education in Dance and

My friend 1337's exhibition and my own artistic struggles

1337 Let me take you back to the year 2000. It was late at night and I sat alone bathing in the soft light of my computer monitor. Death played on the screen in the form of HalfLife Deathmatch – a first person shooter game. I was SoulThief and that game was my escape from the world. Among my online friends was a player named FrankBooth. For the uninitiated let

A simple comparison of Cycles versus LuxRender, but first...

… you have to listen to me talking about my day 🙂 Actually it was a grand old day. I used some of my annual leave to have the day off work so that I could visit my daughter’s school for Education week. This involved a long, long exhibition of talent in the playground. The talent involved singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and the such. My daughter sang in the

Friends, natural beauty and slavery

After a few days with my computer in a workshop being upgraded (the SSD was full and the thing was no longer working properly), I sigh a big sigh of relief and can make a post. Unfortunately I cannot meet a promise of showing a comparison video between Blender in cycles and Blender in Luxrender. That may have to wait a week. 🙁