Today I submitted my first short story

Well folks, today I submitted my story “Tears of a Blue Priestess” to Grey Matter Press in the hope that they will include it in their upcoming anthology “Monsters”. Judging from their Facebook page they have received a lot of submissions. I guess that you have to be in it to win it. So let’s see how it pans out. It’s funny how I feel – so very nervous. Fancy

Australia Day, Wicked, Site changes, & Writing

  Australia Day Happy Australia Day! For those of you not from a land down under, today is my country’s national day of celebrating who we are. For many of us (myself included), that means grateful citizens born overseas who have been given chances they may not otherwise have had. Like most countries we have flaws, but I am proud of this place and would not live anywhere else. Wicked

Games and Themes

This is a bit of a brain dump, so don’t expect cohesively structured thought. Me and computer gaming …or should it be computer gaming and I? Anyway, grammar aside,

Changing my blog title and other nonsense

I’ve decided to change my blog title to “Home to Gregory Long – Fantasist, Artist, Author, Experimenter and General Eccentric”. As part of the course “Blogging 101” they said to consider making the title more appropriate. I think that this meets the specification. So why this? Well, besides the obvious I just felt that simple having “Home to Gregory Long – Fantasist” was a bit limiting. Probably the best descriptor