Pencil, Pen and Brush art

2012 - The time I painted a portrait of my daughter

Tracking through some old Facebook posts I stumbled across a 2012 series in which I described the painting a portrait of my daughter Rhiannon. At the time I whined about how my Keratoconus impacted my ability to see properly. I guess it was the year before I had to have an operation on left eye and my sight was pretty bad. But let’s forget that and look at how I

My artistic influences - Patrick Woodroffe

Hi folks, This is the first in a new series of posts (not that I am giving up any of my other series). In this series I will examine the various artists and books that have influenced my own art over the years. The trigger for this is actually feedback that I have received in recent times that my digital art is not art. “What?!?” I hear some of you

Another retrospective - me as an artist in my 20s

  The great thing about being a blogger is that I can continually talk about myself. Blah blah blah Greg… blah blah blah more Greg. 🙂 A little while back I inflicted upon you all the story of teenage Greg. Here it is if you feel that you cannot get enough of me. (That’s a hint – run away from this post while you still can). LOL Today is the

Simple joys - painting plaster figurines

Today my local cemetery opened its gates, not to let zombies out but to let sight-seers in. Those zombies that did get out were completely unintentional! My wife, always the more macabre of the two of us (hard to believe, eh?), decided to visit. So we all did. I was frustrated that we somehow missed the display of medieval warfare (yes, it’s a rather unusual cemetery) but I ended up

Finding teenage Greg - over 30 years later

Easter Friday and my family and I hopped onto a train and headed into Sydney. Yes, the sky looked decidedly miserable and treated us to not a few drops, but we were happy enough. Good old Sydney rain at Easter! Today we visited my mum. Mum lives alone in a unit (flat or apartment according to which variation of English you use). She likes living close to a city; above