Tears of a blue priestess

The current short story upon which I work features blue priestesses who tell fortunes using cups filled with tears of blood. So I wanted to make a picture of such a priestess. I envisioned a close up of her face with the blood tears flowing. The first step was putting the basic scene of the head together in DAZ Studio. As my renderer for DAZ Studio (and Blender for that

The importance of a picture reference library for writers and artists

Every day I spend about an hour watching YouTube videos on topics ranging from the history of particular genres to various art “how to” guides. Recently I stumbled across one by a professional artist who spoke about his picture reference library. At the time I thought “That’s cool” and forgot about it. But later that day I realised just how valuable an observation this was. (Unfortunately I cannot find the

Halt there spaceman!

Hi all, Today I discovered an absolutely brilliant video tutorial on using Photoshop to create a space scene. It was so good that I just had to share it with you all. You can find it on YouTube at: As you can see, it is only 11 minutes long. I learnt soooooo much. So I have used the knowledge that it imparted to create a scene and then added a

Introducing my psychopathic villain Kerphulu

As you know I am writing a short story about a key moment in the life of my chief villain: Kerphulu. I thought that I would create an image of him with one of his victims in this story. I hoped that this would give me a better sense for the man. It did. Here it is: I took the Hare psychopath scale into account as I designed him (see

To map or not to map - Part 3

I now have a “photo” map of what Shade looks like. The combination of Bryce and Photoshop was great. I also spent a lot of time referencing Google Maps to get a sense of colours and geography. Notice that since my previous pictures of the map I have flipped it to its true east-west direction. I also decided to crop off any bits of geography not used in the story,