My response to the Liebster Award

My response to the Liebster Award

Jeni over at Skyscapes for the Soul, has nominated me for the Liebster Award. So this will be my response. Before I give these responses, however, let me encourage you to visit Jeni’s blog. Jeni produces these surreal paintings that are at once serene and intriguing. All are for sale. Jeni also runs art workshops.

Anyway, here are my responses to the questions she asks as part of this Leibster Award:

Q.1 What is the weirdest experience of your life?
Soon after we moved into our current house, my wife and I started sensing strange movement around the house. Movement we couldn’t quite see, in the corner of our eyes. After a while both of us started making out the shape of an old bearded man. We did not discuss this at first but eventually we did because it spooked us. We were consequently surprised to discover that we had been sensing the same thing. This said, we never mentioned it around our daughter Rhiannon who was only 4 at the time. Then one day she pointed down the hall and asked us who the bearded man was. There was no one there, but she insisted that she had seen him. For the next few years we kept feeling a presence around the house. We called it a ghost. I kept praying. My prayer was along the lines of “If it means us harm, exorcise it. If it is a peaceful spirit then do as you will and we will bear it no malice.” I think it still visits from time to time but that the visits are a lot less frequent. Now you probably think I am a looney.
Q.2 If you could have a chance to live anywhere on Earth, where would it be?
Tuscany, so as to indulge in Italy’s culture.
Q.3 If you could choose how old to live to, what would that age be?
Eternal. I am driven by curiousity and the idea of dying before I fully understand everything is appalling.
Q.4 If you were to be executed, what would be your last meal?
Exotic ice-creams laced with hallucinogens (so I wouldn’t know I was being executed).
Q.5 Who have you met that you felt you


  1. Interesting responses to the questions.Ice cream and hallucinogens tickles my fancy.

    1. LOL. Indeed. Well, I’ve never ever taken any illegal substances (nor had the inclination), so that may as well be the time. And ice-cream – well, that I have had far too much of and still crave more.

  2. Stories like your ghost story is one of the things that prove that official science isn’t able to explain it all. Yet.

  3. Interesting replies to some ‘quirky’ questions Greg.

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