Creating a Zebra poster using DAZ Studio and Photoshop

Creating a Zebra poster using DAZ Studio and Photoshop

Despite sore eyes, a couple of weeks ago I made a Zebra poster for one of my daughter’s friends. He had expressed great delight at my art works and had a birthday approaching. I asked him what he wanted and he told me that he wanted me to make him a black and white poster of a zebra. As I am having a good-eye day, I thought that I would share a little of that creation with you. My assumption, however, is that anyone reading this has a fundamental of DAZ Studio and Photoshop (two of my favourite applications).

To be honest, the entire process was really, really easy. I’ve had a Zebra in my DAZ Studio library from the very beginning. I suspect that it is part of the basic pack that you get with DAZ Studio (I’m sure that a couple of you out there are capable of confirming this).

So step 1 merely consisted of opening DAZ Studio and placing the Zebra in the scene.

But what end-result was I aiming at?

Something dramatic. What about a black background? Sounded good. So for step 2 I created a black plane and placed it vertically behind the zebra.

Lighting next.

I must admit that I love spotlights, so step 3 was placing a few spotlights around the head and upper torso.

So this is what I ended up with:


You can see my camera placement too.  I rendered the camera output into something around 16k by 10k pixels.

Step 4. Then added some more zebras and arranged them further back in different poses. These would be the background zebras.


I rendered these appropriately and then pulled them all into Photoshop (step 5). The result (once I got the two layers working together) was:


Hmmmmmm. It needed more.

So step 6 was to duplicate the left hand side zebras and flip the copy to be on the right hand side behind the running zebra. Actually, I ended giving the running zebra it’s own layer to accommodate this.

Now I wanted grass and I did not want in this instance to use DAZ grass. Why not? Because I wanted the grass to look “scratchy” on the black background and I felt that DAZ Studio’s realism would not meet what I was trying to achieve. NOTE: I’ve done grass in Photoshop before and I’ve always found the following tutorial and brushes by Explode Creative to be useful:

So step 7 for me was adding the grass. I essentially did three layers of grass representing the foreground, middle grand and the grass at the back.

Below is a screenshot of Photoshop showing my layers on the right.


Here is the result:


All in all very straightforward.

Hope you got something from this and hope to be seeing more of you all as my eyes recover.







  1. Greg, I really admire your talent and determination. The end result of the Zebra work is top of the tree as far as I’m concerned. No way could I attempt such an exercise, DAZ or no DAZ.

    I do wish you well with your vision journey and just hope that you are not overdoing it.

    As a Life Member of the Cronulla Leagues Club I should shout,’ come on the sharks’. Consider it done.
    Hoo roo for now.

    1. Tomorrow I think the collective breaths of the Shire will be held until the end of the game sounds. I’m thinking of popping down to Miranda RSL to watch it on the big screen. We’ll see. I’m a member of the Leagues Club but Miranda RSL is my home club. Carn the Sharkies!!!!

      Thanks regarding the zebra.

      Re: vision. I probably am overdoing it. Oh well. LOL

      Hope all keeps well with you 🙂


  2. I missed the Vision Australia posting a couple weeks ago – glad to hear you are getting practical if not financial (yet) assistance from working in some way that you can. And no I did not know you sang. I like the zebra poster – I think the part of the zebra that makes it really unusual is that it has a black kind of ‘bib’. Hope you continue to heal – perhaps getting a part time govt job will reduce stress that will allow this. Keep on singing in the mean time.

    1. Thanks 🙂 The bib is actually an error that I made due to poor vision. LOL. 🙂 I guess there are a number of artists who have eye issues to thanks for things. Monet comes to mind. I am feeling very positive about a government job at the moment. Fingers crossed 🙂

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