On weekly to-do lists

On weekly to-do lists

Several years ago one of my bosses asked me to send him a planning email each Friday. The email would contain:

  • a list of all accomplishments over the past week
  • a


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever done something as thorough as this. At university, I made to-do lists for myself all the time. Now, I generally only make them if the workload has crossed a threshold where I’m afraid I won’t remember some items that need to be done.

    1. You strike me as a dynamic and structured sort already. Just reading your blog you come across that way. Me, over the past two years I’ve really let my structure slide. 🙁

  2. I used to do something like this while enrolled in college for life in general, not just studies and assignments. I was a single parent and full time student back then and it really saved my sanity. Reading this post makes me wonder if returning to a system like this would be beneficial again. Not sure why I stopped doing it.

    1. I wondering for myself because I am just not getting things done. A lot of this is down to family commitments, but I also think that I have permitted myself to drift into an unstructured life and I don’t like that. It’s funny, but when I worked by day and did university by night, even though my daughter was young, I used to achieve so much more because structure was imposed upon me by my commitments.

  3. I have those paper notebooks where I jot down hobby-related stuff – things to test, ideas to try, stuff missing from my character WIPs etc. For things related to paid jobs, I set up reminders on my phone if there are some extra tasks that don’t fit in the routine. And that’s all =)

    1. Yes, you strike me as the well organised type of person 🙂

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