The Museum in the Doge’s Palace, Venice #TrafalgarTours

The Museum in the Doge's Palace, Venice  #TrafalgarTours

The Museum in the Doge’s Palace (itself a living museum!) is a tribute to the history of this city. It is not a massive museum, compared to the likes of the British Museum, but comparable to that you would find in many a castle in Europe. As you can tell from the following photos that I took, I was mostly enamored by the weaponry on display.

The museum was the last thing we saw in the Doge’s Palace. There was actually a jail viewing included in the Palace tickets. This jail had held many a famous person including Casanova. Unfortunately, the one negative aspect of belonging to a tour group impacted us – time constraints. Our free time before rejoining the group was now coming to an end and we had to return to meet the others and catch a boat back to our hotel.

As an aside, Trafalgar’s hotel in Venice was the

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