Goals – week ending 3 November 2017

Goals - week ending 3 November 2017

Here are my creative goals for this week:

  • rig my art-nouveau door (i.e. make it so that it can open and shut)
  • start the texture process on the doorway
  • finish reviewing and editing my short story “Restored”
  • Identify possible buyers for my short story
  • Identify next most viable short story idea

It’s not actually going to be my busiest week on creative tasks. I start work next Monday and want to have my hair cut and buy some new business apparel. Rhiannon (daughter) is also having a big Halloween afternoon/evening out tomorrow and I will be there, plus I promised to go with Nicole (wife) who wants me to go clothes shopping with her.

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    1. Thanks I am surprisingly terrified

    1. Ditto Fingers crossed that it turns out like i see it in my mind’s eye

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