Starting a new painting

Starting a new painting


So Sunday afternoon Rhiannon (my 10 year old daughter) says to me “Dad, will you paint with me?”

Naturally I was thrilled by the idea, only…

… I had nothing in mind that I could paint.

Back track.

If you look at my art you will notice a couple of things. Firstly, my paintings are either portraits or landscapes. Usually I take a photo and paint that. Secondly,


  1. Looking good. 😀 I knew Australia was worth a visit…. 😀 Looking forward to see your progress. Cheers Markus

    1. Thanks Markus 🙂 There are lots of interesting things down here, especially beautiful scenery etc. Myself, I’m taken with Europe because it is so different – all the history and the architecture. But my wife loves eco-style tours, so quite a few of those will turn up in my videos 🙂 Thankyou for commenting 🙂 Greg

  2. I love the fact my son shares my enjoyment of creative arts, and your daughter clearly does too 🙂 what is she working on?

    1. Rhiannon bought some plaster figurines and is painting these. One is a starfish – quite an elaborate one too! She had painted it wonderfully and then made a mistake that ruined it. She was upset at first but I showed her how to wipe away the paint and she had an epiphany that by using a cloth to wipe away paint she could paint cracks and then have spaces free for other colours. 🙂 I love watching her realise things. 🙂 You and I are lucky having children that we can share such creativity with. 🙂

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