Simple joys – painting plaster figurines

Simple joys - painting plaster figurines


Today my local cemetery opened its gates, not to let zombies out but to let sight-seers in. Those zombies that did get out were completely unintentional!

My wife, always the more macabre of the two of us (hard to believe, eh?), decided to visit. So we all did. I was frustrated that we somehow missed the display of medieval warfare (yes, it’s a rather unusual cemetery) but I ended up having a great time anyway.


Well Rhiannon sighted a stall where, for $3, they let you paint a plaster object of your own choosing. Now, you might think that this is a boring 5 minute exercise fit for small children. Wrong on both counts!

We spent two entire hours sitting at a small crafts table, paintbrush in hand and eyes firmly fixed on a couple of tiny plaster bears. Here’s Rhiannon working on hers:


And here is my own output:


So why am I telling you all this?

Well, this post is more for the parents among my readers. The message is: encourage your kids to be creative. Every child at that stall had a great time and came up with something completely unique. Those of us parents who joined in also had a great time. And plaster figurine painting can be challenging!

Now for those of you in Sydney, Australia, I just thought that I would let you know the person who ran this stall. Apparently she also does children’s parties at a price that really astonished me. Her name is Kristen and she can be found at the Caringbah Markets and several other markets around the place. She did give me her phone number but I won’t share it here for privacy reasons. But I did give her the url of this blog, so if she wants to leave her details in a comment then she can. 🙂

Once again, this was amazingly enjoyable and great value for money.




  1. I don’t have kids, but I do love art projects with other peoples kids…looks like a fun time!

    1. It was a great activity and I enjoyed myself quite a bit 🙂 I think that families should focus more on being creative together. These days we are so focused upon economic survival that some families miss out. (I need to step down from my soap box 🙂 ) Today Rhiannon and I did more painting and it was good seeing her figure techniques out for herself 🙂 Greg

  2. Your daughter is amazingly cute. As is the bear =)
    Painting “physical” stuff is an awesome pastime. There are people out there who buy wargame models only to paint them.

    1. I once wanted to get into modelling but life kept me too busy ?

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