Upon the Battlements: attempt 2

Upon the Battlements: attempt 2

Hi folks,

A big thanks to the people who provided feedback on my digital work “Upon the Battlements”. I have thought deeply about those comments and also about my own feelings on the work. So here is my second attempt 🙂


Notice the mountains and the sky have been changed. (i.e. no more mountains and a clear sky)

Feedback appreciated. 🙂




  1. The dragon certainly looks more menacing now =) You could try playing with its materials, altering bump and reflection settings – the guy’s arm and the battleaxe look to be more detailed, and the dragon is a bit “flat” and dry-looking, especially its mouth.

    PS In Firefox, “like” buttons disappear!

    1. Great advice! Currently working on it 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  2. Yup – I agree with Mustakettu – much more dramatic. And yes, a little drool from that big maw wouldn’t go amiss, unless it is firebreathing dragon which would probably be mutually exclusive.

    1. Good advice and working on it 🙂 I’m really excited that people are giving me feedback to improve my work 🙂

  3. If this was an image in a photography competition and I was the judge, I’d award it a Distinction. Nice range of colours and tones, great detail and stimulates the viewers imagination and a wish to know what happens next. Great stuff.

    1. Thanks so much! Such a lovely comment 🙂 I’ve spent the last fortnight spending time with Rhiannon during school holidays, so hopefully some more interesting photos for you once I get active here again 🙂

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