Control panel design for 3D x-ray model

Control panel design for 3D x-ray model

Just a short post today. It’s been a busy day job-hunting without a lot on this being achieved.

So I have created my folder of reference photos. As mentioned before, I find Toshiba’s Infinix a wonderfully designed piece of equipment. Obviously this is from a aesthetic perspective because I don’t have the technical knowledge to comment upon how well it works. But it really does look like a machine of the future. Lovely curves and a certain sleekness. I swear that you could place it as it is in a Star Wars movie and it would look right at home. Wonderful! So that is my major inspiration. This said, I have no intentions of breaking any copyright, so I have to make sure that my design is merely inspired without actually stealing.

I have used PowerPoint to draw up my simple design for the control panel. This may surprise you. Pen and paper is also good, or any other drawing application. The reason that I am using PowerPoint is it has an abundance of simple shapes that can be drawn and manipulated very quickly. I can also quickly add labels and jot down notes for myself.

So there I am with this part designed “on paper” so to speak. I have to draw up designs for the other parts as I get the time.

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  1. Fascinating project you have set for yourself. No wonder you need you ‘program.’

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