The control panel for the x-ray #Blender

The control panel for the x-ray     #Blender

I shall keep it brief because once again I am up late. I have made a simple control panel in Blender as per the plan. Just a panel with some buttons and a joystick. No great detail as not really needed.

Here is how the entire thing is coming together (as rendered in DAZ Studio).

As a bit of comparison, here is the attempt I made this time last year.

I feel that the newer version is less blocky, more elegant. No doubt in another year’s time I will feel the same about this one.

Oh well! I still have the monitors and the ground and ceiling mounts to create. But it is getting there.

My brother-in-law Glenn already has a use for these models. So I will try and knock some pictures together for him.

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  1. Better is the wrong word. More skilled and controlled might be more appropriate. 🙂

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