Fixed those few modelling challenges #Blender

Fixed those few modelling challenges  #Blender

So yesterday at midnight I left you all having reached a point of frustration. Let’s have a look at a picture of the state of my model as exported from Blender and imported into DAZ Studio (my favourite place to render things)”

So few textures and strange webs at the pointy end of my benchtop.

Then one of you very kindly pointed out to me the obj export options. I noted that one of the options was an export with triangulate faces.


I wonder what will happen if I choose this?

Ah! (That is an ah of delight)

Then I watched a few different unwrapping and texture tutorials on YouTube till one managed to penetrate my thick skull:

And so in Photoshop I did some modifications to the texture map that I had unwrapped and exported from Blender. Then I linked it in DAZ Studio to the model. And this is now where I am at:

So much better than my original bench model.

S0 now it is the early hours of the morning and I am off to bed again.

A big thanks to Conceptual Vision Studios.

And good night all and thanks for reading.


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