Small example of things not working in 3D modeling #Blender

Small example of things not working in 3D modeling #Blender

Hi all,

This is for those people out there who find Blender and DAZ Studio too difficult. This is for those of you who watch wonderful tutorials on YouTube, feel intimidated and say to yourself”Darn it, I’ll never be able to do that.”

Yes, instead of showing some finished work of wonder, I thought I would share my struggles to show that a lot of what you see is not the whole story. I’ve spent about 6 hours today trying to get my model of an x-ray bench unwrapped and textured. I’ve met all sorts of issues and problems.

So here is a picture of my bench sitting in Blender.



Here is an image of me trying to add some textures and look at it in DAZ Studio.

For some reason a lot of my textures did not come over. My bench has “webbing” in places (look at the front). I tried transferring from Blender to DAZ as both an obj and an fbx but had problems.

Anyway, it’s midnight now and I am tired. But I just wanted to show you guys this to show you that even those of us who have some


  1. You might have already tried this, but just in case. I know how those days are. Make sure in you have the UV export toggled “on” in the export options.

    1. Thanks for responding and thanks for your suggestion. I am delighted at both. Yes I do have the UV export toggled

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